Data mesh for

Elixir Data enables the Data Mesh Platform of Enterprise customers to build and gain insights from data.


Data Discovery

Ease the process of data discovery via AI-enabled Data Catalog.

Data Governance

AI-enabled PII Data Detection guides customers in setting up Data Governance policies.

Data Quality

Generate accurate insights by understanding your data quality.

How ElixirData Works?

Manage MetaData using our Data Catalog Service and enable Data Discovery


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Visualization and Analytics

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ElixirData ingests data from different sources in different formats.

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Data ingested is stored on different sinks or Databases like sql or nosql.

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Raw data goes through transformation to structured data.

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ElixirData ensures data quality with data discovery and lineage.

Elixirdata Enhance Data Discovery And Lineage Image

Data discovery and lineage will help in understanding data behaviour.

Elixirdata Enhance Pipeline And Query Optimization Image

A Monitoring of pipeline and query optimization will enhance data management.

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Elixirdata Connect Data Governance And Security Platform Image

ElixirData’s secure pipeline will enable you to connect with various tools.

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Data Catalog and Data Discovery platforms are enabled for metadata and data management.

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Platforms are governed by Data governance and security platform.

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Elixirdata Visualization And Analytics Control Over Data And Metadata Image

ElixirData supports data visualization of different databases and formats.

Elixirdata Visualization And Analytics Monitor Pipeline Data And Metadata Image

Data Discovery and Data Catalogs to monitor pipeline ,data and metadata.

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Data governance and security will enable more control over data and metadata.

Building blocks of ElixirData

Elixirdata Building Block Data Mesh As Platform Image

Data Mesh as a platform

ElixirData uses Data Mesh as a platform to provide a virtualization layer on the customer platform. This leads to understanding the data behaviors of diverse data sources and lakes.

Elixirdata Building Block Data Quality Image

Data Quality

Understanding data behavior opens the scope for filtering out the bad data and utilizing the quality data better.

Elixirdata Building Block Data Governance And Catalog Image

Data Governance and Catalog

Getting control of the Metadata and schema helps in setting up the roles and access pattern in an organized way to control the data access and prevent the unauthorized use of Information.

Key Benefits

ElixirData will help in redefining your data lake, data warehouse, and other analytical stores according to different use cases using our Enterprise Data Strategy principles.

It will also help in managing MetaData using our Data Catalog Service and enable Data Discovery on your diverse data storages in a single & standard interface via Data Virtualisation service.

ElixirData platform is just a few steps set up and the many features are available right after the Setup.


3x reduction in human efforts

Data Quality helps in reducing human efforts up to 3 times because the validation and QA take around 3 times the time of actual development.


6x increase in Business ROI

Reduced human efforts will help develop the business ROI up to 6 times because the decisions and KPIs can be elaborated at scale.


60% time reduction in Data Cleaning

Data illustrations and Data cleaning time is reduced up to 60% as ElixirData provides the Lineage and Catalog as one of the building components.


60% reduction in analytics cost

Generate accurate insights by understanding your data quality and ease the process of data discovery via an AI-enabled data catalog.

Elixirdata Why Choose

Why choose ElixirData over so many choices available?

Elixirdata Why Choose Data Discovery

Data Discovery

ElixirData optimizes the discovery layer of the platform to make the platform more resilient and fast.

Elixirdata Why Choose Data Catalog Image

Data Catalog

Role-specific access and data catalog provide a secure platform.

Elixirdata Why Choose Data Mesh Image

Data Mesh

ElixirData supports the advanced data mesh support for scaling vertically and horizontally effectively.

Deployment as Infrastructure as Code