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ElixirData brings innovation for massively large Data under a shared framework without manual efforts every time.

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What is ElixirData?

Organizations want to bring all their Transactional as well as Operational data into one place to develop products, Build ML models, and generate revenue. ElixirData helps build the centralized Data Mesh platform to bring Governance, Cataloging, and access control as a shared platform across organization teams securely. This reduces the overhead of monitoring the platform every time there is a change in requirements.

Just plug and play the details needed, and Augmented Infrastructure will automatically enable the governance and cataloging as you play with the platform. ElixirData also brings in the capability of automatic recommendations on the datasets based on customer’s Requirement and help the business partners know the data well. The simplicity to use the platform through detailed and required information on UI helps people to save time from implementing complex logic.

Benefits of the platform

Benefits of the platform


Manage all Data sources

ElixirData has the capability to manage all the input data sources such as Relational Databases, NoSQL, Object Storage, etc. Managing all the Sources helps to derive the insights right from the schema and without even tracking the data sources again and again.


60% reduction in analytics cost

Data illustrations and Data cleaning time is reduced up to 60% as ElixirData provides the Lineage and Catalog as one of the building components.


6x increase in Business ROI

Reduced human efforts will help develop the business ROI up to 6 times because the decisions and KPIs can be elaborated at scale.


Data Governance on Scale

Governance has always been a complex goal to achieve. With ElixirData, you just need to define the goals and rules, and Governance is enabled right away on the platform across the users. The Governance can be controlled based on users, datasets, and even the columns too.


Why ElixirData?


Secured Data Access Management and User Control

ElixirData helps govern the data policies by managing the data rights. The Catalog and Governance platform on the Centralized Data mesh is secured and all the externals and third party access rights are revoked. The access to users and groups can be managed with just a click.


Easy to use Platform

ElixirData help to provide information with the best in market UI/UX which requires zero training and growth team and the Business team can be easily aligned with the platform. This will enable a more robust platform for the organization and brings the trust of the customers in their Data.


Data Quality

Understanding data behavior opens the scope for filtering out the bad data and utilizing the quality data better. A lot of computing (Cost) is required for keeping Data Quality Metrics updated. Lack of Data Quality affects Data Analysis Conclusions, HindCasting Results & Operational Model Accuracies.

Vision and Mission of ElixirData


Augmented Intelligence

Working with ML and Data pipelines brings in lots of challenges including the Modelling of Human inputs to the core of AI and bringing the availability-based data or accurate data to the dashboards. These human-centric inputs sometimes become the show stopper for the decision making and learning of the systems thus directly impacting the revenue share. ElixirData visions this and bring the in-depth, auto upgradable, and recommendation-based inputs are gathered from time to time from the dashboard by the end-users of the ElixirData platform.


Data & Model Accuracy Validation during Version Upgrades

It is very important to keep our Data Platform upgraded to the latest versions of Different Runtimes, Libraries to use the latest features & prevent any vulnerability. But sometimes, Binary File Formats Extraction Libraries generate different values during their version upgrades, and Data Validation during version upgrades is a very time taking approach. Also, if a different version generates different values, then it might affect model accuracies as well. So, ElixirData enables Data & Model Accuracy Observability in an automated way for smooth up-gradation in less time

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