How to Profit from a World of Big Data?


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Adding Security tests in CI / CD workflow to continuous check for vulnerabilities and mitigate the security loopholes at the earliest.abilities .

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10 use cases where you can derive ROI from Big Data in your organization

  • elixirdata-vizualization

    Customer Sentiment Analysis through social media: Customers post their genuine feedback on social media, about the product they use and the services they use. This is very beneficial for organizations to develop or change their product and services.

  • elixirdata-discovery-data

    Behavioral Analysis of Workers: The workers are the backbone of any organization. If your workers are not satisfied with the organization then you can never achieve your goals. Their behavior is defined by their reaction to certain situations or moods of the workers in the workplace.

  • elixirdata-machine-vision

    For predictive analysis: As the name suggests, in simple words it means to predict what’s coming next by using the previous data which we have and derive some trend from it. It is done using regression analysis, which predicts the oncoming things based on proving or disproving some assumptions.

  • elixirdata-analyst

    Fraud Detection: In this connected world, fraud is increasing rapidly as everything is connected and hacking or doing fraud is becoming easy for fraudsters. Fraud detection is a process to analyze any irregularities and predict it is going to happen before it's happening so some preventive measures can be taken.

  • elixirdata-machine-learning

    Helping In Recruitment Process: Every organization has its requirements predefined in some ways. Most of the organizations have some basic requirements which they want in every employee.

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