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What is ElixirData?

ElixirData is a PaaS platform for automated Data Governance, Data Mesh Management, and Intelligent and augmented Data Quality over the existing customer's Data Platforms.

What Tools are supported by ElixirData?

Elixirdata supports a wide range of tools, details here

Who should use ElixirData?

Anyone with Data can use ElixirData, from enterprises to early startups. Customers use our platform for data discovery, data intelligence, data quality, and augmented data management with interactive dashboards

How is ElixirData priced?

Elixirdata pricing is detailed on our pricing page

How is security is provided by ElixirData?

Security is a top priority for ElixirData. We have built ElixirData with code security best practices with authentication and encryption methods.

What cloud hosting platforms ElixirData compatible with?

ElixirData is currently available on Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Why ElixirData?

Our drive to solve the pain point of the enterprises with innovation makes us different. Our Platform reflects our approach; lean, scalable, and adaptable. We firmly believe a high-performance innovation-driven team like us is part of a continuous improvement process that improves quality and keeps up with the changing needs of our customers.

Elixirdata pricing plans are tailored to suit your business needs.

Will it be possible in the future to switch the plan?


Does ElixirData offer any discounts / special pricing?

Special pricing is available for registered charitable nonprofits, academics institutions, and government organizations

What are the different Deployment Options available in ElixirData in Enterprise Plan?

ElixirData supports infrastructure setup and provisioning on all the popular public cloud platforms as well as on-premises environments. Thus, various deployment options that are supported on ElixirData in enterprise plans are:
i) On-Premises
ii) AWS Cloud Platform
iii) Google Cloud Platform
iv) Microsoft Azure

What is a Scheduled Metadata Update?

Many Times the customer has ever-growing databases where they need to create new Columns and Tables and even Schemas to Align the products. These changes are called Metadata changes. As an ElixirData user, the feature is provided to schedule the sync of such changes into the ElixirData Platform.

What is Access to Marketplace?

ElixirData Marketplace allows users to be able to get the details of the updates in the product, any feature upgrades, engineering updates, and most importantly Product launch and Demo Conferences.

How do I cancel my paid plan?

Your plans will automatically renew until you cancel them. You can cancel at any time by dropping us a mail at

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