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Augmented Intelligence and Adaptive Governance brings Economical convenience

Elixirdata Augmented Intelligence And Adaptive Governance

Data brings the challenges for Growth Team and having Intelligent and centralized catalog in hand gives more convenient to the teams to identify the sustainable data and risks associated with it. ElixirData enables seamless workflow management of data and information across teams which reduces manual and deployment efforts just to make Decisions.

Experimenting on Governed Data Sets improves the Quality of business processes outcome and thus stabilize the Economical factors associated with it for redevelopment or infrastructure costs.

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ElixirDtaa Augmented Intelligence

Augmented Intelligence

The In-box or ready-made Augmented intelligence of ElixirData help identify the flaws and delivers useful insights time by time to keep the Data platform more stable. It helps to enhance learning and quick decision-making.

ElixirData Adaptive Data Governance

Adaptive Data Governance

As the platform builds and teams start using it on a regular basis, the ElixirData platform identifies the Governance details of the system and made a future recommendation for the users of the platform. It aims to make people adopt Governance.

ElixirData Embedded Data Governance

Embedded data Governance and Privacy

Privacy is the core concern and the ElixirData Governance platform embed privacy on top and helps protect the data platform and access control towards the data from unauthorized parties.

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