Elixir Data Essentials

Elixir Data Essentials  Beta

Modern Real-Time Data Integration & ETL Pipeline

Real-Time data pipeline for enterprises

  • Support for both: Traditional systems, as well as modern Big Data and NoSQL ecosystem.
  • Agent based architecture keeps your data secure and on-premises. Data security is natively provided.
  • Data integration platform with auto-mapper and lambda based data transformation pipeline.
  • Dozens of integrations to choose from. Works with most business tools and enterprise applications.
  • Higher level development kit to extend. Develop your customized real-time data pipeline on-premises.

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ETL for Fast and Big Data

Data is exploding from in all directions, creating multiple channels of real-time and high velocity streams. Elixir data meets the changing requirements of paradigm shift from the traditional ETL model to modern data integration.

Modern Data Integration

Elixir data is modern data integration platform, purpose-built for big data, hybrid data systems, and the cloud. The auto-mapper automatically generates the definitions from your sources providing you the freedom to focus on your business logic and design your data provisioning.

Secure Data Pipeline

Secure data pipeline is built on agent based architecture keeping your data securely. On-premises deployment provides you the power and flexibility of designing your secure pipeline. Processing is deployed where the data lies, improving the speed, security and performance of the pipeline.

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Secure Your Data Pipeline

Auditing and security solutions for on-premises data pipelines. Consult Elixir experts for securing your data infrastructure.

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Data Persistence on Elixir Data Platform using  Apache Ignite